I always felt that I was a failure or - at the very most - in second place. At just 3 ½ weeks old, I had open heart surgery which caused a deep visible scarring on my chest. During my teen years, I saw the scar as a constant reminder of feeling unloved and unwanted. At 17 my father passed away and this left me feeling empty. I didn’t see the point of enjoying life if my father was not alive. I started acting up in school - constantly stealing and fighting. I later got into... a two-year relationship that I thought would take away all of my insecurities and redeem me from the wrong and hurt I caused to my family and others. When the relationship ended I was broken, but it was then that I cried out for God to reveal his love for me. He did just that. He took away the shame and the guilt I carried for so long. Jesus saved me from feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness and I know I am completely accepted by HIM.

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