There came a time in my life when I started to feel a huge amount of guilt for all of the things I had done. I can’t explain it—I just felt ashamed, dirty and overwhelmed by life. I had recently gotten expelled from high school for selling drugs and I was heavily addicted to cigarettes and porn. I wanted to change so I began to read self-help books. I also did a 12-step program and I started seeing a little progress, but it wasn't enough.

One day, I was on the train headed t...o work, and a woman started to preach about Jesus. People preach all the time on the train, but with her, I noticed something different. She was alive and energetic—like she really believed everything she was saying. It made such an impression on me that I thought about her all day at work. When I got home that night, I started to cry. I said, "God I need you." I didn’t know how, but I knew He heard my prayer. I felt his presence. I asked him to live inside me, and he did. Jesus changed my life. And since that day, there has never been a moment of doubt that He is real.

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