After my first year in prison, I began having nightmares - they were horrible. Every night, I saw faces of the countless people whom I’d dealt drugs to. There were so many. They looked so tortured. I felt so much guilt thinking of all the families I ruined with that poison. It nearly ruined my life. I was a Kingpin in the early 90’s but I was an addict myself. I was in and out of five different drug programs but I couldn’t kick the habit. It wasn’t until I was in prison that ...I found out about the love of Christ. At first, I felt like I couldn’t accept it. I didn’t know how to forgive myself. But, The Lord wouldn’t give up on me. I finally surrendered my life to Him. He gave me the freedom to forgive myself and to become the person He intended me to be. He completely set me free from addiction and helped me become a better husband. I'm now a preacher of the gospel and I'm working towards my Bachelors in Biblical Studies.

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