I spent most of my life running from the words spoken over my life…failure - queer – different - odd. All the while I was living two lives: A father and husband; A drug infused man using crystal meth and pursuing men. I hated my life. I hated what I had become. For 10 years, I didn't smile or laugh. I couldn't hold my body up in a straight position. I lost my family. Lost my job…lost my soul. While wandering in the cold streets of New York City in the middle of a Nor–easte...rner, a man came toward me on a desolate street of Harlem and said three simple words. "Jesus loves you." I knew God was speaking to me. I fell on the sidewalk and prayed, "If you can get me out of this, I will serve you." Yes, Jesus has set me free. He has given me hope. He has turned my mourning into laughter. He set me in my right mind. He went to the Cross because HE believes I am worth it.

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