Earl and I were in a relationship but he was involved in all kinds of things. Drugs, dealings, etc…I wasn’t doing any of that at the time...but I knew about it.
I believe that you can’t co-sign on something that’s not right. If you love Jesus, you either get away from it or something has to change.
Well, something did change. One afternoon, in September 2005, someone ran to my apartment and told me that Earl and our son had been arrested for possession of narcotics. I felt like my whole world crashed before my eyes. But, just five minutes later, the police busted in my door, put a shotgun to my head and arrested me. I was sent to Riker’s for 21 days. It was the most devastating time I’d ever experienced.
When I got out, I had absolutely nothing. A friend of mine brought me to church. Long story short, Jesus met me at the altar. I surrendered my life to Him. God is truly amazing. He is a restorer. My husband and I have been together over 40 years and we’ve enjoyed serving the Lord side by side.

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